When Sue Benyowitz was asked to volunteer at the Yad Sarah booth at the Los Angeles Celebrate Israel Festival, she knew she had to participate. She had lived in Israel—working as one of Jerusalem’s first ultrasound technicians—and had admired the organization. At home in the States, Sue became a long-time donor to Friends of Yad Sarah, and now wanted to share her love of their work.

As she staffed the booth, scores of Israeli expats approached her, explaining how much they had missed Yad Sarah’s services since moving to America. While she always felt a deep appreciation for Yad Sarah’s unique mission to deliver vital and compassionate health support services to people in Israel, Sue realized for the first time just how deeply Yad Sarah impacts Israeli society.

While Sue had always wanted to support Yad Sarah for the critical services it offers to anyone in Israel in need, she found the Charitable Gift Annuity, with its tax benefits and significant fixed lifetime payments, to be an attractive option for her financially, now that she is retired. “They help you along every step of the donation process. They make it easy, and I just had to sign on the dotted line,” she recalled.

Yad Sarah, she said, is more than just an organization. It’s an enduring point of pride and a testament to the compassion and resiliency of the Jewish people.

“When I go to Israel, I see Yad Sarah’s logo on trucks and vans -- accessible transportation that I know is helping someone in need -- I definitely feel a sense of pride,” Sue said. “I just wish more Americans knew about it.”

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