Yad Sarah is There

Israel was built by generations of soldiers, farmers, rabbis, nurses, engineers, and teachers who were driven by a dedication to preserving the Jewish future. Taking care of each other is the Israeli way, but after decades devoted to building this remarkable country, too many people in Israel have been left behind. They need outside support and Yad Sarah is there.

Yad Sarah is there for the impoverished Holocaust survivors with subsidized, in-home dental treatment, and IDF veterans in need of a wheelchair and a friend. Yad Sarah is there for the pioneers that built synagogues and schools, hospitals and homes, factories and families. Yad Sarah is there because your partnership and generosity allows us to be.

Whether they need physical rehabilitation, legal services, dental treatment, medical equipment or friendly visitors to brighten their days, Yad Sarah is there for more than 600,000 people in Israel each year. 

Be There for Yad Sarah

This work is possible because of dedicated volunteers and the financial contributions from caring global citizens who wish to honor and endow the wellbeing and survival of the people of Israel. With your generosity, Yad Sarah will continue to support the people who have built this vibrant, beautiful country, by bringing help and hope to all her residents.

Planned giving often enables supporters to make a more substantial gift than they ever thought possible. To help you achieve your philanthropic goals for Yad Sarah while providing for your financial needs, our planned giving program offers a wide range of giving options. All gifts carry membership in Jacob’s Circle, the legacy honor society of Friends of Yad Sarah.

Here is how you can help:

       1. Include Yad Sarah in your planned giving.

Leaving a bequest in your will or trust for Yad Sarah ensures services remain available for generations to come. Consider including Friends of Yad Sarah as a beneficiary of your IRA or of your life insurance policy. Your after-lifetime gift may be designated for programs of Yad Sarah in Israel that are dear to you or entrusted to Yad Sarah for use where most needed.

       2. Enroll in a Yad Sarah Gift Annuity

A Yad Sarah Gift Annuity pays high, fixed-rate, lifetime income for one or two individuals. For many individuals, a gift annuity is an especially valuable retirement planning vehicle.