Membership in Jacob’s Circle is reserved for planned giving supporters, recognizing like-minded Americans from across the country who share the commitment to helping people in Israel beyond their lifetime.   

Whether Yad Sarah is named in your will, trust, insurance policy, or as a beneficiary of an IRA, we hope you will let us know so we can thank you and welcome you as a new Jacobs Circle member.  

By informing us of your planned gift, you will become a member of Jacobs Circle and enjoy:

  • Exclusive community get togethers, luncheons, and meetings with special guests
  • Private tours of Yad Sarah facilities in Israel
  • Exclusive invitations, curated experiences, and networking opportunities with notable guests who support Yad Sarah
  • Opportunities to connect with Yad Sarah volunteers in Israel
  • Moderated conference calls with medical professionals and innovators in Israel
  • Insider’s newsletter