Our donors, and the beneficiaries of their generosity, have stories to share.

Read their inspiring stories below:

Hank and Wendy Kaplowitz: Charitable Gift Annuity

In the years following their daughter’s accident, Wendy and Hank have become regular donors to Yad Sarah. More recently, the couple decided to take their charitable support of Yad Sarah one step further: they established a Charitable Gift Annuity through Friends of Yad Sarah in 2018, and again in 2019.

Rosette Tucker: Charitable Remainder Trust

Rosette attended a lunch event in NYC to hear more about Yad Sarah’s mission-driven programs and learned that she could turn her appreciated real estate – a rental property upstate – into a tax-advantaged source of lifetime income through a Charitable Remainder Trust.

Sue Benyowitz: Charitable Gift Annuity

While Sue had always wanted to support Yad Sarah for the critical services it offers to anyone in Israel in need, she found the Charitable Gift Annuity, with its tax benefits and significant fixed lifetime payments, to be an attractive option for her financially, now that she is retired.

Bob Zalkin: Charitable Gift Annuity

Bob made his first major contribution to Yad Sarah five years ago, and has made additional contributions yearly since then. He reflects on his choice with satisfaction.

Sammy Alzofon: Bequest Donor

Sammy decided to make Yad Sarah the beneficiary of her will and bequeathed her apartment to Yad Sarah with a deed that will ultimately transfer her apartment to Yad Sarah.