Sammy has always been involved in social causes, so when she made Aliyah to Beer Sheva in 2011, it was only natural that she would get involved with Yad Sarah. “The whole concept of what they do is terribly important, especially making health care support services available to anyone, not just the wealthy.”

She’s since returned to Florida but hasn’t forgotten how Yad Sarah impressed her in Israel. “ When I first made Aliyah, I felt vulnerable, and I saw that Yad Sarah was helping others who were vulnerable in different ways. It’s completely available without any strings attached.” 

Sammy is excited about Yad Sarah’s expanding services, particularly in the south. She especially appreciates the transportation to Soroka Medical Center—“it’s not easy if you can’t get on the bus anymore. There’s a human focus to it that I really appreciate.” She also feels that the mobile dental program fills a critical gap. 

For all these reasons, Sammy decided to make Yad Sarah the beneficiary of her will and bequeathed her apartment to Yad Sarah with a deed that will ultimately transfer her apartment to Yad Sarah, taking advantage of the fact that Florida is one of only several states that recognizes such deeds and enables assets to avoid lengthy and costly probate. “I’m so satisfied knowing that my money, and the value of my real estate, is going to a good cause… and

I’m relieved that it’s all settled!” Sammy exclaims.

"Yad Sarah provides a tremendous service offered throughout the country, and it quietly goes about helping people with basic needs,” she continues. “If you are concerned about the wellbeing and survival of the people of Israel, Yad Sarah is the best place to put your money."